Talent Brand and Recruitment Marketing

Talent brand is what helps you attract and retain top talent — those candidates who want to join a company for more than a title or wage. These prospective employees value company culture, community involvement and the opportunity to grow over other benefits. Now more than ever, professional services firms must do more to demonstrate that they are a great workplace.

Traditionally, recruitment marketing has been led by human resources and focused on job ads. This will never go away, but a focused talent brand strategy can be a force multiplier to a company’s recruiting efforts. By joining HR and marketing professionals together, companies can guarantee they look as good as they really are to job seekers.

In today’s candidate-led job market, top talent has the choice of top brands. A focus on employer brand will help you take proactive steps to ensure your company brand and reputation stand out as a place they’d want to work.



Employment search engines and job platforms, such as Indeed and Glassdoor, are ripe opportunities for talent brand strategies. All too often, small and mid-market businesses aren’t even aware they can take steps to customize their listings on these popular websites. Piper Strategies helps companies maximize the impact of these channels to position against competitors for hiring candidates.


LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are popular social media sites for job seekers. Some are looking for open positions and easy-apply options. Some are doing due diligence in getting a sense of a company’s personality and culture to see if it’s a good fit. Determining which channels are most important for your brand and then developing and disseminating content on these channels is a specialty of ours. We can help you stand out from the rest with dedicated messaging and streams of content related to employee activities, employee successes, community involvement and company culture. We do this both organically and with paid placement, depending on your goals and budget.


Word-of-mouth advertising can be very powerful. We can help engage your staff to act as brand ambassadors, amplifying your talent brand strategy. This can make them look good on social media and even earn them some extra cash if your company offers a referral bonus. Plus, they then get to work with friends and colleagues they’ve brought into the company. Focusing on existing employees’ engagement and upskilling helps with both recruiting and retention.


Positioning for a new bid or a takeaway? Need to hire staff for a contract you don’t even have yet? We have done this successfully to help companies build the winning key staff section of their proposals. Using digital geofencing and decades of experience in the government contracting community, we can partner with your internal resources to advise and even implement campaigns to help position you to win work based on key staff resumes.


In the public sector, many government programs continue on regardless of which contractor wins the bid. While this is not our forte, we have relationships with recruiters who specialize in these situations, and we are happy to make the introduction.

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