Digital Marketing

At Piper Strategies we use digital to enhance the human connection and build community. In GovCon it used to be more about walking the halls and talking directly with the customer. Now, customers have already done their due diligence and formed opinions before they even speak with a human being at your company. A strong digital presence can be the difference between getting your phone call returned or securing a face-to-face meeting.  

We can manage your digital marketing strategy, content development, and tactical execution on an on-going basis to extend your onsite capabilities. We can provide 100% of the skill sets you need, or work as an extension of your in-house team. Whether you need access to technical skills you are missing, project-based support, or a full-service outsourced marketing department, our team is the right choice. 

Our professionals have worked together for a decade, as part of an in-house marketing communications department for a million-dollar global brand. As a client you will get top-notch support from a team who apply all they learned in a fast-paced, complex environment to your growing organization’s needs. 



Like account-based marketing only specific to government marketing, ABM is a customer-centric approach that will ensure that your company increases Pwin in key accounts of strategic importance. Marketers gain a seat at the table with sales & business development as we work collaboratively to design a targeted marketing program designed to address specific customer agency pain points head-on. Fish with spears rather than a net with this consistent, ‘always-on’ strategy for your best accounts. 


The internet is noisy and customer inboxes are cluttered. To stand out you must have content that is of value to the customer, not just sales propaganda taking about your company approach or your product benefits. At Piper Strategies we understand how to develop content in your voice that is not only differentiated but also demonstrates capability. We work with companies to develop robust editorial calendars and ghostwrite content targeted at public sector audiences and channels. Whether it is a short monthly blog, a useful infographic tip sheet, or a technical white paper—you can count on our content specialists to make you look as good as you really are. 


In public-sector marketing, conferences, award submissions, and corporate communications are a way of life. Accelerate your strategic impact by designing and implementing multi-touch, omnichannel marketing programs. We’ll help you determine which programs you need and identify the owned, shared, earned, and paid channels for dissemination and syndication to meet your unique KPIs on time and on budget.  


Put proven B2B marketing tactics to work for you in federal marketing and meet the client where they are. Learn how to build digital retargeting campaigns and leverage pay-per-click advertising for critical marketing campaigns. Increase open rates, engagement, and conversions using all the digital tactics available to you as a force multiplier. Leverage search engine optimization and keyword strategies and tactics so that you can be found easily on the search engine results page (SERP) and incrementally gain in your organic ranking. 


Learn how to use your company’s owned channels for more than just corporate communications. We will evaluate your “as-is” and tell you what you need to do to outperform your competitors across the social media platforms important to your customers, partners, and candidates. Develop channel-specific content strategies and see your workforce come to life to act as an echo chamber—extending your messages and content to their networks. See how we can even help you leverage traditional and emerging social media channels to showcase your company culture and enhance your talent brand for recruitment marketing. 


Websites are a critical component of your brand’s persona. All too often companies fall into a “set it and forget it” mentality. Building a great website is a big undertaking and it takes lots of time and involvement from stakeholders across the company. Most sites are filled with static content and may not even accurately reflect the company you have become. Work with the user experience (UX) and Web optimization experts to see if you need to refresh or rebuild. We are experienced with Drupal, WordPress, and WIX. We build secure websites with your selection of non-affiliated U.S-based Webhosting options and are familiar with WCAG AA and 508 compliant requirements. 

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