What’s in Your AI Stocking? Time-saving Tools for Creativity & Productivity in the New Year

What’s in Your AI Stocking? Time-saving Tools for Creativity & Productivity in the New Year

By Stacey Piper

The New Year is the perfect time to make resolutions to do things differently, even at work. As a marketer, it is the perfect time to reflect on current marketing practices and try out innovative tools to boost productivity. With the rapid advancements in generative AI technology, new tools and features are constantly emerging, often as add-ons to subscription-based applications you already use. I’ve highlighted some of the most promising AI tools for marketing professionals, including picks from my team.

Content Creation

Platforms like Jasper, ShortlyAI, and Copy.ai leverage AI to generate compelling copy for various marketing materials, including website content and code, blog posts, social media captions, meta data, and ad copy. They can save countless hours by quickly producing high-quality drafts using templates and prompts, leaving you more time for refining and adding your unique voice, but you may need to upgrade to paid versions to utilize the latest features. Some standouts:

Bard by Google: A more user-friendly alternative to ChatGPT, it is free (beta) and features a simple, chat-based interface that integrates with Google Docs and Gmail. Toggle on the “1-click prompts” to choose from a variety of options and “Web access” for real-time access to Google’s vast database (even YouTube videos), not a fixed dataset. Ask Bard for URL sources to create a list of citations at the end of your content.

Mixo: Generate a mobile-friendly website from a selection of templates in almost one click, then copy and paste it into your preferred platform or use supported integration tools. This is a great option for anyone who wants to quickly create a simple website or landing page without the need for coding or technical knowledge. It even supports multiple languages.

example of website page generated by Mixo AI

UseRogue.com: Your govcon proposal writing partner, this AI writing assistant is designed to streamline the proposal writing process, saving time and resources while improving quality and compliance. Generate high-quality, compliant responses to Sources Sought, RFIs, and RFPs in minutes and extract key information from Sections L&M to create a structured outline, ensuring your proposal addresses all requirements. Collaboration tools allow you to work with your team within the tool.

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Image Creation & Enhancement

Tools like DALL-E (part of the OpenAI platform along with ChatGPT) and Midjourney are revolutionizing visual content creation for social media posts, landing pages, ads, and more. By simply feeding them text prompts, these AI models can generate realistic images and videos, eliminating the need for expensive photo shoots or videography equipment. Some AI tools are available within Canva or Adobe Photoshop so you can use them with your existing projects. If you don’t already have a preferred platform, you might like:

DesignsAI: An easy-to-use multipurpose platform featuring a Logomaker and brand kit assistant, Font Pairer for the perfect combinations of fonts, and Color Matcher for generating harmonious color palettes, plus a directory of millions of royalty-free images and illustrations. The platform also includes a number of features for video creation, even a Speechmaker for realistic voiceovers in 20+ languages with AI text-to-speech technology.

example of Designs AI wizard tool

Imagen: A standalone platform for streamlining and enhancing your photo editing process, making professional-looking edits accessible to everyone. You can use it for automatic culling to remove duplicates, blinks, or blurry shots and, in one click, apply pre-trained AI profiles to your photos for instant and consistent results. (Don’t confuse this with Google’s Imagen generator, available within Bard or Canva.)

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Video Creation

Generative AI is rapidly transforming the video editing landscape, offering creators an unprecedented level of power and flexibility. AI-powered tools can automate tedious tasks like background removal, object replacement, and color correction, freeing up editors to focus on the creative aspects of their work. Additionally, AI can generate entirely new content, such as music, sound effects, and even video footage, allowing creators to push the boundaries of storytelling and visual effects. Three of the most powerful are:

Munch: A true gamechanger for social media content, it repurposes your long-form videos into engaging short clips for TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and other platforms. Extract the most impactful moments from your videos and generate a variety of clip types, including explainer videos, product demos, behind-the-scenes clips, and more. Then generate social media captions and hashtags to help you reach a wider audience, schedule your clips directly to your social media accounts from within the GetMunch platform, and track your performance and analyze the engagement of your social media posts.

example of Munch video interface

Movavi: A comprehensive video creation and editing platform, it gives anyone the power to create professional-looking videos, then convert, compress, and share them as needed. Features include background and noise removal, resolution enhancement, highlight reel creation, even a background music generator using royalty-free music matched to the mood and tone of your video. You can use it to record your screen and webcam simultaneously, add text and titles, and choose from more than 200 effects and transitions.

Synthesia: Create high-quality videos without needing cameras, microphones, or actors using AI to generate realistic and customizable avatars that can speak in over 120 languages and accents to represent your brand or message. The tool generates natural-sounding voiceovers based on topic or keywords. It integrates with popular tools like Zapier, HubSpot, and Slack.

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Beyond the Tools

While AI tools can be powerful assets, it’s crucial to remember that they are just that—tools. They cannot replace human creativity, critical thinking, and context, or replicate your brand’s authentic voice. To maximize their effectiveness, it’s essential to:

  • Clearly define your goals: Determine what you want to achieve with these tools and how they align with your overall marketing strategy.
  • Maintain human oversight: Utilize these tools to complement your existing skills and expertise.
  • Integrate AI seamlessly: Ensure that the chosen tools integrate well with your existing workflows and systems and don’t overcomplicate your existing process.

For more on AI best practices and effective use cases, read my blogs, Navigate the Maze of Generative AI Use Cases to Enhance Your Marketing Strategies and Warning: This White Paper Was (Partially) Written by AI. By embracing the power of AI and implementing these time-saving tools thoughtfully, marketing professionals can achieve greater efficiency, optimize workflows, and unlock new possibilities for success in the coming year.

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