Warning: This White Paper Was (Partially) Written by AI

By Stacey Piper and Carolyn McBride

Artificial intelligence has infiltrated the marketing world. The wolf is at the door—and all over the headlines. AI writers are making the short list among job applicants and scoring higher than humans on MBA exams. For a while, we tried to ignore it. Some of us scoffed, others felt nervous as big tech companies announce layoffs.

The Piper Strategies team has nearly two centuries of collective experience. An AI tool couldn’t possibly replicate—or worse—replace our expertise. Or could it?

Finally, we embraced our fears, did our due diligence, and wrote a blog with it, keeping track of every word that came from the AI content generator.

And then we scored it for originality with an originality detector.

Review our white paper for a clear view of our experience using an AI writer and find out:

    • How AI content generators are like sourdough bread starters (eat or be eaten)

    • How the multitude of tools work…and don’t

    • Best practices to use an AI writer effectively

    • Why your AI writer is living in the pre-pandemic past

    • Whether you can tell the difference between the real and artificial writer

    • How our blog scored for originality among popular AI detectors

    • Whether AI content generators are worth the hype

Piper Strategies employs both talent and tools to provide full-service, integrated marketing consulting and services. We offer a range of content-driven solutions and strategic marketing support across multiple platforms, including digital, social, traditional, and events.

Read the full white paper for an inside look at AI writing.

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