Stacey is sought after by clients, partners, and peers to work with. She is regarded as an expert in selling to the public sector and has a reputation for being easy to work with.

Janet Rosenbaum| Vice President, Business Development & Marketing

Stacey was of great help to us in conducting an assessment of our internal, external, and project communications needs. She conducted a series of interviews with key stakeholders to better understand priorities, interests, and gaps and produced a report that pinpointed specifically what our challenges were along with practical suggestions to mitigate them. She also led an analysis of companies like ours to consider how they market themselves and how they organize their communications functions. From this work, Stacey produced a series of immediate and long-term recommendations that were presented to senior leaders and are now serving as our roadmap for moving forward. Stacey was a true partner in this endeavor, offering expert insight and guidance along the way. I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

David McGill | Senior Vice President, Business Development

Stacey Piper and her team were absolutely fantastic to work with in 2018 and continue to impress. We initially engaged Piper Strategies due to her deep experience in the GovCon sector. We had a limited budget and asked her to assess our web presence and suggest some potential improvements. The resulting deliverable was extremely well thought out and detailed. Not only did she confirm our suspicions, but also she identified areas of opportunity and low hanging fruit. Her assessment and recommendations also effectively set the stage for a strategic marketing plan and budget for the following year. In 2019, Stacey and her team have helped us refine people, process, and technology of our internal marketing department, as well as build a solid digital foundation to support our strategic marketing efforts. In implementation, Stacey is sleeves up, hands on – even pivoting to the pragmatic when circumstances call for it. Simultaneously she and her team continue to leverage their experience to guide our strategic growth— all while backed by hard data—to ensure we are getting maximum return on our efforts.

Hany Malik | President and Chief Executive Officer

Stacey has able to accomplish so much more than our original expectations and add more value than a full-time person could ever have. I can honestly say that I have never worked with someone that can produce as much as Stacey has in such a short period of time. Not only her technical knowledge in marketing and her connections in the govcon sector but also her personality and attitude allowed her to add so much value to the organization in record time. Stacey quickly came up to speed on who we are and what we do; not just the content, but also the true essence of the company and what we stand for. Her understanding of the federal decision maker combined with her pleasant and very collaborate nature allowed her to build relationships with different folks in the organization and quickly debrief them on their respective functions and key messages they wanted to convey to the market. She helped us articulate what we do in ways that are unique and attractive to the intended audience. Stacey worked with us to set KPI’s she knew would be important to us to assess return on investment. Her immediately successful impacts to improving those key metrics have made our CFO one of her strongest advocates. Another benefit of hiring Stacey as a long-term consultant, has been her initiative and ability to help us build internal capacity. I highly recommend Stacey for any fractional marketing leadership position and I am confident that she can add tremendous value to any organization she works for.

Joe Meyer | Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

Joe Meyer - Pipers Strategies Client Testimonial

Stacey Piper has been a longstanding member of the Shelter House Board of Directors. Stacey has committed her expertise of marketing to push Shelter House to the next level. Non-profit organizations need brand recognition as much as the corporate sector, so we were thrilled when she offered us pro-bono work to lift our messaging and marketing to the next level. In 2017, Stacey single-handedly redesigned our collateral to include a consistent message and look, as well as tell a powerful story related to mission outcomes. Stacey’s work is exceptional. By lending us her services, Shelter House’s brand has gained more traction than ever before. We are a professional business, providing professional services. And now we have a professional marketing strategy that has proven to increase donations and visibility for Shelter House. Stacey didn’t stop with “just” creating materials and dropping them at our door. Stacey provided us with a strategy on how to use them. When it comes to marketing for a human service enterprise, who you are targeting as an audience can become very complex. Stacey had a plan for that.  All of our materials now cater to all audiences: the consumer (persons needing service), the volunteer and the donor. Thank you Stacey for your commitment to our community and a special thank you for providing your professional expertise to Shelter House.    

Doug Beck | Senior Vice President

For fifteen years as a senior executive in the Washington DC consulting community, I watched Stacey develop into an incredibly knowledgeable and dynamic driver of federal marketing for a $600 million revenue business. She not only formulated winning strategies that capitalized on the latest federal market and technology developments, she also motivated and managed teams that executed superbly. In addition, she understood how to listen and find innovative solutions that left her stakeholders requesting her services over and over again.

Jeff Neal | Senior Vice President | Blogger ChiefHRO.com | Former Chief Human Capital Officer

Stacey is a superb marketing and business development professional. Her insights and strategic thinking are consistently top-notch. She has been a trusted advisor to me on many issues and is always willing to listen, offer new views and help develop and refine ideas.

Eric Boyle | Vice President | Account Executive, US Agency for International Development

Stacey is the consummate professional who can apply a diverse set of business development and marketing skills to multiple situations. She really helped define our market positioning in the international development market and brought together people from around the globe to see and execute on a common vision. She has been great in making that connection between strategic capture and marketing – the Holy Grail of the business development funnel. There are a million things you *could* be doing in business development and marketing, but she helps focus on the thing you *should* be doing.

Mark Youman | Senior Vice President | Project Management Office for Government-wide Acquisition Contracts

Stacey provides strategic support to capture efforts, with a focus on positioning with the customer via multiple channels. For large GWAC/IDIQ capture and task order capture efforts (e.g. OASIS, Alliant, CIO-SP3, etc.), Stacey plans and organizes pursuit and performance marketing strategies, including use of social media and other avenues to improve brand recognition and increase Pwin. She brings an extensive understanding of the Federal services business environment.

Jennifer Fisch | Director | Capture Coach and Senior Proposal Manager

Stacey has a strong understanding of the federal capture process and made major contributions to our efforts to capture key federal contracts. In addition to playing important roles on individual capture teams, Stacey also coached capture teams and taught the Business Development Excellence in-depth to client-facing staff with BD responsibilities. She is also expert in developing customer messaging and formulating strategies for message delivery. I sincerely hope that I have the opportunity to work with Stacey in the future.

Ricki Henschel | Senior Vice President | Business Development Operations

Stacey is unique in her ability to imagine and be creative and get the details. She knows her business and amazes me in her ability to lead, manage, and create. 

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